Locals surviving rough winter in Moroccan mountain villages – EPA

March 19, 2018

Azilal is a city in central Morocco, in the Atlas Mountains, that had over 27,000 Moroccans living according to 2004 census. Temperatures usually drop far below zero during the Winter, and snow fall cuts the twisty roads connecting the remote villages to the center of Azilal city. Villagers share rides in small bus or on the back of truck, or simply walk on foot, as children make their way to school or villagers visit the souk (market). However, vehicles can be stuck in snow for hours and drivers seen praying to make a safe journey on the risky roads. Women collect firewood in the morning to be used as source of heating and for cooking. EPA-EFE/BAKIR MOHAMMED

Link : http://www.epa.eu/weather-photos/weather-photos/locals-surviving-rough-winter-in-moroccan-mountain-villages-photos-54180995