about ME

Passionate about photography, street art and modern art. I always look for new methods and techniques to express what I want to deliver to the world. With an exceptional right brain, I see everything in lines and shapes. Born and raised in Rabat, the capital of Morocco, I am quite fascinated by the diversity of the Moroccan society, which was a pretty rich ground for me to be inspired by all anciant and modern styles, mediterranean, european, arab, berber and african art, and to create and develop my own style. With a huge amount of idoms and turns of phrases, the Morrocan dialect is what fascinates me the most. It is very confusing for non Moroccans, because it is a mix of arabic, berber, french and spanish languages, and very entertaining for us Moroccans. In my work, I like to emphasis the Moroccan society’s most schizophrenic aspects : languages, behaviors, ethnicities and modernism.

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