Dar Si Said Museum Inauguration

July 21, 2018

The Dar Si Said Museum is the oldest museum in the city with the greatest number of works of art exhibited. The Museum is officially called the Museum of Moroccan Arts.

Like other palaces in Marrakech, Dar Si Said was originally residence of one of Morocco’s chief executives. In this case, it was the former house of Si Said, brother of the grand vizier of Marrakech, Bou Ahmed. The palace is enormous with several patios and with two floors. The building’s most beautiful decoration is found at the entrance of the courtyard and on the second floor.

Dar Si Said is much larger than the Marrakech Museum. This museum takes up two floors and houses many more objects. It features antiques, arms, instruments and some of the oldest objects in Marrakech.

Source : introducingmarrakech.com